Senior Electronics Engineer

Gurugram, Haryana
Work Type: Full Time

Company Overview

Pareto Tree is a defence technology company working closely with Indian defence forces to build outcome driven technologies to improve the health and safety of our HEROs.

Our flagship product is the HERO Search V1 which is a Personal Alert Safety System for firefighters and damage control personnel in naval forces. HERO Search V1 is a life saving device for urban firefighters, industrial workers and search & rescue operations. Our products are reliable, affordable and designed with a core focus on user experience. Our team is driven to develop products that will change the way defence forces, fire services and industrial workers manage health & safety. We are dedicated to the personal and professional growth of all our team members and strive to create a positive and creative work environment.

In this role, you will be responsible for instrument system development projects and provide expertise on hardware design, development, verification, validation, manufacturability, product testing, and production ramp-up. This will include providing input into the development of design concepts to meet system requirements according to government regulations.

What you will be responsible for

  • Design ownership and oversee the engineering life cycle of hardware including architecture, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance

  • Initial hardware prototyping, sensor interfacing, and board bring up

  • Using soldering stations, hot-air guns, and infrared ovens for PCBA

  • Development of systems and printed circuit boards

  • PCB layout and schematic generation - digital, analog, and mixed-signal designs

  • Perform, oversee and document hardware verification testing

  • Perform electrical design calculations

  • Develop System Firmware spanning micro circuitry running on 32-bit microcontrollers, to enterprise-level high-end computing devices taking Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability into account

  • Defining and implementing high-performance firmware by demonstrating a strong understanding of Embedded Hardware Design

  • Develop an environment of continuous improvement across the product line

  • Define, design, implement and test software applications using a variety of technologies, including, but not limited to C/C++, Python, Git, and other scripting languages

  • Define test plans and test data to identify and reproduce defects, find root causes of malfunctioning code blocks and implement fixes with assistance from Hardware/Test Engineers

  • Project scheduling/estimation

  • Defining project performance requirements

  • Defining specifications, generating documentation, and iterating designs based on feedback from partners

  • Managing day-to-day experimental planning, data analysis, and prioritization of project-based activities

  • Working with our testing partners to design and execute testing validation

What you will need

    • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Electronics Engineering or Electrical Engineering or equivalent field

    • 1-2 years of experience as an Electronics or Embedded Engineer in the Product/IoT industry

    • Solid experience with Motion sensors like IMU, Acceleros, and Gyroscopes

    • Prior experience in the design and development of consumer/medical/defense technologies

    • Familiar working with Li-Ion rechargeable battery-based devices

    • Experience with the following:

    • Printed Circuit Board schematic capture, layout, and routing including high-density and high-speed routing

    • Experience using tools like Altium, KiCAD

    • Experience working with ARM-based processors (i.e. Cortex-M, Cortex-A) from ST, TI, NXP, Nordic, etc.

    • Volatile and non-volatile external memory (i.e. DDR3, eMMC, NOR/NAND Flash)

    • Micro-controller and peripheral circuit design experience

    • Wifi/BLE/NFC/Cellular modular implementation and debugging experience

    • Experience designing DC/DC buck/boost converters for low-power devices

    • Troubleshooting embedded systems and debugging tools using DSOs, Bench supplies, and Electrical meters.

    • Writing test cases, generating and documenting test reports

    • Using C or other programming languages for low-level hardware brings up

    • Using ST-CubeIDE, VSCode, C-based firmware development environments

    • Knowledge of firmware debugging, device drivers, and unit testing

    • Familiarity with data structures, algorithms, and design patterns common to embedded (resource-constrained) systems development

    • Electronics debugging and diagnostics skills, particularly at the interface of embedded software and electronics

    • Adequate knowledge of reading schematics and data sheets for components

    • EMC/EMI shielding mitigation techniques and troubleshooting

    • Design simulation and modeling tools like PSPICE and LTSPICE etc.

    • Signal Processing and Conditioning circuits like Filters, Amplifiers, etc.

    • Excellence in project management, organization and problem solving

    • Ability to interact with electrical, mechanical, and software engineers and work in a fast-paced, multi-disciplinary environment

    • Demonstrated ability to lead and drive results in a timely manner

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